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Kimberley Salvatore is an Author that grew up in a small New Hampshire town. Loving to write stories since a very young age. The earliest recollection being when she was three and needed to get her little brother to sleep when they shared a room. They would come up with something interactive until then. She started writing stories that would influence her writing even today. She did decide at the age of twelve that she would indeed write a book and started. Kimberley started her current series her sophomore year of highschool and finished it two years later. Now finding her way to bring her story to anyone who is interested in reading it. 

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The Exiled Series has been a work in progress since April 2015. The book had not begun it's real journey until the year of 2017 when Kimberley's senior year was decided that this was her love and she wanted to see it through. Five books later, the first installment in the series has been released, and so they will continue.

Alura's life changed numerous times over years, time and time again, she must find her way out of the tight situations. Traveling and finding her way, she must fight a battle she never expected she would have to in order to save her home and her family. No matter what she has to do to get there. Even if it means going against everything she believes in.

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Come join me and fellow writers as we talk about the writing process. Exploring the ins and outs. While finding every difficult thing to try and accomplish. We want to find a fun and entertaining way to bring a smile to your faces.

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