The Exiled


Changing Fates

Book 1

Silence rang out throughout the dark abyss. It felt never ending in her soul and mind as it shaped her. The abyss was dark blue that could be mistaken for pure darkness or the night sky. The silence was eerie, corroding her pure heart and mind. Slowly it changed the everyday thoughts, speech, and actions of Alura. A deep blue, like a thick dark lake no one can see through. If she tried to swim, it was thick like sludge, making her unable to move, holding her tightly in place. She was getting lost in it forever and couldn’t return even after forever passed. 

Alura's life changed three years ago after an event which caused her to question her trust in everything. When her sister returns home for the first time in seven years she comes with news that threatens to change her family, making Alura's trust continue to dwindle. As the family attempts to move forward, Alura is ripped away and forced to face a past she didn't know existed.

Kidnapped by a group that exists only as a myth, she is forced to keep her identity a secret, or all could be lost. As she struggles to maintain her secrecy she realizes she has to learn to survive in the enemy camp. As memories of her past haunt her, she must find a way out before they figure out who she is. But the question is how?


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