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New Years 2019

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Hey guys! 2019 came so quickly I couldn't even believe my eyes. This year is going to be a hectic year, and I'm really excited about it as well. There are always so many lists and check lists when it comes to writers and what is on that list. The resolutions almost always get out of hand because we want to be able to do it all. Which most of the time doesn't just include the things that have to do with writing. For example even me, one of my goals is to make sure that I have a healthy workout six days out of the week.

Originally I wanted to finish all 5 books in the series by the end of the year, but I've decided to try and speed that process up so I can dive straight into the dreaded faze of editing. Two of the books are completed and out of the way already thankfully. During the first four months my goal is to finish handwriting the last three books in the series. I say four instead of three because the first CampNanoWriMo is then. Which is a goal that you create yourself in order to push yourself further in your goal. Whether it be the time you put into it, the word count, or the page amount. None of it matters, you get to decide how much you have to do for the entire month.

This is my rewards system for the month of January

That being said. During the months with my calculations I will approximately have a month and a week to complete each project. Which for me would be a lot but I have gone a head and set up a system that I think that will work personally for me. I have set up a bullet journal with the amount of words that I have estimated will be my count per month. It includes my days off and everything that I have to do, including some rewards for if I succeed with an 85% or higher. Which includes days as well. It might be a little ambitious and crazy, but I wouldn't push myself to do it unless I actually thought it was possible.

For the rest of the year it will be editing until NaNoWriMo I will most definitely be editing. There will be five books to edit, focus mostly on the first one. The other focus will be the cover art photo. I will be creating my own so it will take a little more time to make then some others take. To me I don't mind that because it is what i want to do with it and I know that I will be proud of my final product. The best thing about it is that things can change, and it might not be me who creates the cover. Who knows I might have someone else do it. We will see towards the end of next year, which is when I plan to release the release date to my first published book (man that was a mouth full).

The month plan, in the calendar

So for all of you who don't know. I am not currently seeking out traditional publishing and am currently into the indie publishing world also called the self-publishing world. These are my writing goals and I hope that I will be able to succeed and that you will all follow me along the way. I would love to know your main goals for the year as well and I hope that we can all cheer each other on! Let's do this!

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