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Prepping for CampNaNo

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Are you guys ready? It's that time a year again when NaNoWriMo is hosting there twice a year Camp! Who's already joined? Do you have all your cabins yet? What are your absolutely insane goals? I guess we are about to find out since it's all starting on the first of April!

Goals for me are pretty simple on what I know I can do and since you all have a feeling for the way I like to work are completely insane like normal. My down to Earth (simple) goal is only two-hundred pages total in editing and/or writing. Doesn't matter which one I decide to do as long as I do it in the end. Since I have a lot going on this month including packing everything up in order to move I thought creating a goal that wasn't going to completely overwhelm me would work out. Now having said that I still have my absolutely insane goal for the month of April. Which is editing all the books I have which is three of them and then finish the last two books for my series.

Yes, it's insane, but you know what, with the way I have everything set up I really do think it's possible. Now the only thing is going to be sticking to that schedule especially because I have to finish editing book two by the end of March in order to do this as well. Which shouldn't be so hard now that everything else on the list is basically done. This is also the final week of March which means all my charting for next month is happening at this time along with doing what I can to help you guys prep for the upcoming event.

Now the way that I've planned is fairly simple yet there isn't really any photos as of this time in order to explain the way that I do this. I do have my calendar book which you have all seen before that has the month as a whole which you would see on any normal calendar. It also has a weekly breakdown where I can write individual things on it. Finally I have blank space in form of a bullet journal where I create all my goals for the month and everything. Which is how I've broken it down.

For that I've taken what I know that I can do for sure and have only pushed it very slightly in order to make sure that I'm not doubling the work load. Then I try to exceed the goal everyday even if only by a little bit so that I'm already ahead of the game. Now I give myself also time for breaks. During the weekly breakdown I give myself designated breaks, most of the time I'm at work during these breaks, but they also help me figure out when I have to workout and have time to enjoy an episode of my favorite TV show or an hour of my favorite video-games. Having this gives you just enough time away from everything that it also doesn't seem as big and frustrating a task.

This also goes for saying break down the tasks. For me personally when I'm done drafting a book like I was in January. I decided to do about 30 pages a day for editing while still writing something. Since I've been handwriting my entire series I break the task normally down into 20-30 pages of editing a day while typing those up, then to write about 5k a day, which isn't an impossible task. If I do these tasks and only those tasks I can get over 60 pages of editing done and about 10-12k of handwriting done.


For some people like me if I do the same thing over and over again day after day I really don't feel the original motivation that I originally did towards the project. So, instead of doing the 12k a day or the 60+ pages of editing. I break it up so I'm always doing something different. I read before bed instead of sitting on my laptop making sure that I type up absolutely everything that I've writing or edited. Instead I do sections for writing. However many perspectives a chapter so right now about 3-4 chapters of handwritten words and then for editing the same thing (which is only 2 perspectives). After every time for those I type them up and move onto the next section and keep going from there.

Half the time after I finish an entire section (of writing and editing) I normally think of a blog post or a YouTube video idea and then try and decide what to do before I start the next section which is why I'm handing this out to you at the moment. I have a couple more blog posts just about ready to publish as well so I'm definitely more on track then I have been the first few months of release on the website and I must say that I'm glad for all of you who sit here and continue to read these.

I know for a fact that you have heard breaking down the tasks into smaller ones in order to make it more efficient, but sadly it's the way so it doesn't seem so overwhelming at least for me. I've met and am friends with quite a few writers that will just sit and do the same thing everyday until the task is done but they get frustrated and overwhelmed. When they finally take a break and do something else whether it's reading, editing, leaving the house, just doing something else that they know that they are going to have to do makes them ready to tackle their project again whether they would ever admit it or not. They'll be shocked enough to see me admit it when some days I go completely gun-ho and just do something until the entire task is complete... me typing almost 100k in a day from edits to type... (yes I retype the entire thing by hand as well).

Even at this moment I have a goal for this writing about a thousand words at a time before going and getting one mission only in a video-game done which isn't even an entire mission, just a check mark before they have me move on in the task. I've already gotten several things done with this method, including posting to Instagram and almost an entire six thousand words. Which goes to show that you will also have something to look forward to if you do something like this. It is kind of like a rewards system. With TV it's a little harder. Some shows are 45 minutes long and some are only 22. My missions take me about five minutes and it doesn't take me all that long to type a thousand words.

To say the least I'd do an entire task for an episode or if a movie two full things before you reward yourself with too much off time because this can also throw you off. Show yourself that these things can be rewarding and your brain will be more eager to do it, at least it is for me. Everyone's process is different and I suggest finding your own pattern that works, but this is just my method, which i know several other people share in the writing community. I hope this has helped. Let me know if there are any blog posts that you will all want in the future that has to do with any of the things in here or things that you haven't seen but you would like to.

I hope you all have a great day, and even longer than that. Thank you so much for sticking around with me it means so much!


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