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Review The Bet Between Us by B.L.Moore

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

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This was the first ever book I beta read for and I will say right off the bat that I've read it two more times since. I read one more of the beta copy I got and I've read the paperback version that I got the day of release. This was a book I did pre-order and I would recommend this book to almost anyone even if it isn't their genre because it definitely wasn't mine. Now just because I say that it wasn't my genre doesn't mean anything. I will always continue to rave about this book if someone decides they want to talk to me about this book because it is extremely rememberable and the author definitely knew what he was doing.

So my initial review is:

I honestly didn't think that I would like this book at first especially since it wasn't even close to my favorite genre and I tend to do my best to avoid it. Now when the author approached me and asked me if I could read it and give my unbiased opinion back in November I had my doubts. I told him to give me ten days to read the novel since like I said it isn't the normal kind of story that I read. I picked it up the next morning and I will say that it caught me pretty early on.

I do still work full time and somehow I managed by the end of the morning to be past my goal of fifty pages and was at 85 (mind you this was the 8 by 11 beta reading copy), after work I someone managed to be at page 215 of the 311 document. As soon as I got home I hopped in and took an extremely quick shower and then jumped on my live feed on Instagram to do writing sprints and decided for the first time ever that I wasn't going to write on it and read this book. I mean I had no choice but to finish the book at this point. Anyone that was trying to interrupt me couldn't I was loving the story, because for me it was believable.

Brandon Moore ended up joining these sprints I don't know whether or not it was to write but he sat there watching as I finished the novel. At one point when he saw my face change towards the end if he was in trouble and of course he was in trouble. As the book continued I obviously forgave him for the event that conspired in the novel and then finished the book completely content with the ending. I was brought to tears. Mind you it was almost midnight so I had to find a way to contain myself so I decided to just sit there and talk to him about it for a while and gave my unbiased opinion. There is really no other way to say it even now other than the fact that I...

Absolutely loved this book!

There isn't anything that is going to change my mind about that either. The characters were complex but not confusing and the story was so rich and something I don't see too much of. Especially not in Romantic Comedy. I mean yes every romance and comedy novel have their cliches and all of that, but he found a way to not make it so cheesy that I was sitting here shaking my head and rolling my eyes every five minutes. Beautiful execution on actual issues as well especially with kids and what they struggle with now a days.

End the raving (not really but we can try and believe it for a moment.

Now the premise of the book that you will find on the back cover says.

"Donald Cerlino only cares about three things: money, getting girls, and gambling. His friends are so impressed with his abilities with women, they start calling him Don Juan. When senior year starts, he’s got a list of girls he wants to add to the growing number of notches on his headboard. So when his best friend, Thomas, bets Donald that his skills aren’t enough to nab the school valedictorian, Alaina Pizzo, Donald is up for the challenge. What Thomas doesn’t know is that Donald has had a crush on Alaina since kindergarten. Problem is, Alaina hates his guts.

When Donald’s feelings for Alaina start to show, Thomas begins to turn against him. Thomas wanted Donald to see the error of his ways when it comes to women, not abandon their friendship for yet another girl. The deeper Donald gets, the more he wants a future with Alaina, but that means revealing why he started talking to her in the first place. When Thomas starts threatening to tell Alaina the truth, Donald has to decide if he wants to lose the love of his life or his best friend.

Donald realizes he took a bet he can’t win. The great Don Juan may lose everything."

Not gonna lie in repeating that this isn't the usual kind of book I read and when I read the back cover I was like great it's another love story and kind of shrugged it off but decided to take a change and I'm glad I did. I've taken notes for all the chapters but I'm going to talk about the story and characters without the spoilers.

Donald has two best friends one of them being Darrell (Rell) and the other being Thomas (Tee Pee). Now these two are obviously a big part of the story as said in the premise since they are the ones who give him the bet in the first place against one of Donald's weaknesses. Donald has been struggling for a little while and finds his way through gambling and sleeping with people as one night stands. Yeah not the best way to approach things, but it's the way he is dealing with a big problem of his. Alaina wants nothing to do with him and hasn't in a long time. When Donald gets the bet however he does everything in his power to try and make this work.

Now a big complaint that I've been seeing about this book was how did the parents and adults in the story not do anything about the kids gambling, sleeping around and drinking. It so happens that even if some parents do know about it they want to see if their child can figure it out on their own or they refuse to believe it. Which is another reason why this is such a believable story for me. The parent to child aspect. The parent trying to help and the kids thinking that it's their way of attacking them. I still honestly do this now and again when I don't want to hear something though I know for a fact they are telling me the truth.

That's what helped make it such a good book for me, it was something to relate to. The fact that even though parents are trying their best they don't see everything, they may know more than what we think we do but they want us to live and learn for the most part. Yes, some parents would find out and completely freak, but some parents to find ways to input the situation and put the seed in their head so they actually start thinking about it.

Now I'm not the person you see and is all about football so when I saw that their was some things about football and a little bit of play by play I was like ugh... no... this is mostly because I don't understand the sport and I'm not afraid to admit that. When Brandon Moore did this however though there wasn't much it made a little bit more sense and I could respect the sport for what it is now. I did understand more about soccer since I used to play, but the competitiveness of the characters was flawless. The need to be perfect, to be the best. Resonates with a lot of students especially against their rivals.

The book was real for me because of the relationships between characters. Whether it was friendships, relationships, or family. It was all connected and I could get on a personal level with it. Obviously not all of the book but I already mentioned I could with the family and definitely some friendships though we never gambled or really made any bets that could possibly ruin everything.

I loved this book so much I made sure to take about a million pictures of it in some of the setting areas as well. I can say I can't wait until he comes out with his next work, which he is almost done the first draft for!

Now my rating for this book is for sure five out of five stars.


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