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Time Flies!

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I can promise that the past two months looked a lot crazier than this.

Hello everybody. Today is way past the day that I said that I would be posting any kind of post to due with my blog. The same thing is happening a little bit everywhere else as well. The thing is about the month of January especially with some big writing goals, (you can find that in the New Years Writing Resolutions) is that things are a bit harder to keep up with than what everyone actually expects it to be. Now that February is coming to an end I realized that I do need to figure out how to manage my time a little bit better especially because let's say things didn't go according to plan.

One thing that has been declared on my main media of Instagram I've made posts daily about the struggle that I've been having with my goals. The main one being my part time job which has now turned into a full time job. That has proven difficult more because I work in a family business and working with family (especially with parents as your bosses) have proven to be nearly impossible. I went from only working anywhere from 18-22 hours a week to 30-35. Yes I know that this is technically full time but when your job isn't particularly close and you have to do a lot of time while you aren't in store that 30 hours turns into 50.

The first week of January I was pretty sick. The video that will show you how sick I was will be going out soon after this post hopefully. There was also the fact that I hadn't visited the Exiled series project since before November. During NaNoWriMo I completely abandoned the idea to refresh my brain and take a vacation from it and went on to write the Narmanlo Effect beginning to end from November 3rd to December 31st. The count down till midnight helped me write the first paragraph or two for the book three in the exiled series which I tried to jump back into which proved to be harder than not even with all the editing I did after finishing the Narmanlo Effect.

The first week I only ended up writing about 2,500 words. The second week I finally seemed to be getting a handle on what I specifically wanted to write and that turned out quite well. Ending with about 15,243 words total. This week I felt like I have had another 13,000 word week hopefully it will turn out a bit better, but I will find that after the snow storm goes all the way through. Though I am basically writing and posting this without much editing I felt it necessary to update you all on everything that had been going on the writing world.

Just because I felt like I did another good 13k word week didn't mean that there weren't some struggles. I did a lot better at the beginning of the week. Monday through Wednesday to be exact. While for Thursday through Saturday have been proven to be even more difficult then ever. I have a bad anxiety and depression problem and have never made that a secret through any means. It did cause an issue where I couldn't breathe and now it's been even harder to write. Some of it probably has to do with the way that I had been going about the writing.

The final week of January I finished up the third book in the Exiled Series, which was definitely a plus for me, I mean I was over a week ahead of schedule and finished well before my birthday February 8th. Instead of moving on I decided to do my last round of edits before sending it off to my beta readers, on my birthday. Now we are on the final day in February and I'm finally beginning to get this out for you. No, I have not started the fourth book which will be due on March 10th which so happens to be a birthday as well, not for me however, it will be for my father.

These are some of my notes while reading Save the Cat! Writes a Novel.

Now I'm not going to say that this book is going to be done by the tenth and the reason why, is ever since I finished typing and retyping I found that I really didn't know where I wanted to split book four from book five. That is quite problematic especially since they deal with different subjects in the same story. So instead I've been reading a couple books, trying to get everything ready for the launch, learning formatting, and all of that lovely stuff. I have on the other hand, been reading Save The Cat! Writes a Novel, which has proven, semi useful so far, but I must say that I am more glad that I didn't start reading it until well after I finished my first couple novels. I have four completed projects and am now picking it up. I didn't learn anything from the beats, other than seeing what I had done, but I feel like in the coming chapters I will be learning more about the writing process that I haven't been all that exposed to and I'm going to be glad for that.

So, the ultimate plan for March, is obviously to really get ahead on book four and five, maybe not decide where they split but write them both together for now as a whole, since I found while writing the third book that I'm going to have to add a lot of scenes. I decided during the twenty days I wrote nearly 70k that I would write the scenes that i knew inside and out and work my way from there, if I happened to think of something, I would write it then and there if it was at the spot I was at. If it wasn't I would go back in my notebook to about where I wanted this information and I would create a little side note letting me know a very vague scene idea that I was going to have to revisit.

My plan is also to run the program that I run on my Instagram page, during March, June, and October with the #NaNoTestMo, where I dive into things to help prep you for the CampNaNo and NaNoWriMo itself. I will be going live everyday and the prompts have everything to do with dialogue. I hope that some of you decide that you are going to come and join us, we would be so pleased to have you. All of the times will be for sprinting and chatting. I will share snippets of my work everyday and so will some other people participating in #NaNoTestMo, and I really hope that you are one of them.

I do plan on making more regular posts, so I will see you around. Love ya'll.


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